If there were a competition as the most fashionable, styling individual in the office, his colleagues would agree, Fasil Kasa would most likely be voted the winner. Fasil is the Office Manager at Ethiopian Airlines Canada and the first point of contact when it comes to assisting clients and travel agents, along training new staff as just some of his duties in his role. Fasil has been with Ethiopian Airlines Canada since May 2012 and has seen how the airline has grown and the level of interest amongst Canadians.

“I was blessed to be part of the first successful ET’s flight when it arrived at YYZ on JUL 17, 2012. It was an very exciting time to be part of this and continues to be 5 years later. Service is a vital product in business, something I value both personally and professionally.  The most important part is not only what we sell, but also how we sell it. This matters a lot and Ethiopian delivers that so well,” said Kasa.