Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager Birhan Abate along with Sales Manager David Timmins and Ethiopian Airlines management team, were recently granted an exclusive tour at NAV CANADA facility and control tower. Lindsay Shearer of NAV CANADA, provided the ET team with a personal three hour tour of the Toronto operational facility and Toronto Pearson Control tower.

“This was quite a fascinating tour,” said Abate. “It gave us the opportunity to meet some of the people behind the avionics panel and get a better understanding between airline and air traffic control.”

The visit allowed for an open a direct dialogue with the General Manager NAV CANADA Gord Hiscock , who will be assisting Ethiopian Airlines in the future.

NAV CANADA owns and operated Canada’s civil air navigation services (ANS). They manage 18 million square kilometers of Canadian and oceanic airspace. With 40,000 customers and 12 million aircraft movements a year. They are the world’s second-largest air navigation service by traffic volume.