Photo Top:  Ian Stalker Baxter Media  in Axum listening to tour guide.

During the six-day tour for the first ever Ethiopian Airlines Canada Canadian FAM trip we asked the group of travel industry professionals and media who embarked on this journey to share their most memorable experience and photo from the trip.

Ian Stalker, Senior Staff Writer for Baxter Media shares his with us.

IAN: “I think the highlight was Axum (Aksum). I found the place fascinating — the obelisks and tombs, and also Mary of Zion Church. The Ark of the Covenant story was gripping as well. But the other points on the trip were great as well. All in all, Ethiopia is a very interesting part of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I also found the Cloud Nine service outstanding. It made the trip to and from Addis Ababa really relaxing. It was appreciated.

Photo taken by Ian Stalker Baxter Media in Axum. Left to right, Veejay Singh (PanEX Travel &Tours), Harold Ho(Scenic Tours) Axum Tour Guide, Ed Radonic (RadonicRodgers)  Photo Right:  Ian Stalker enjoying Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine direct flight to Addis Ababa.