Ethiopian Airlines started new services to Buenos Aires on March 8. To mark this important occasion and as part of our commitment of mainstreaming gender into our core business, the inaugural flight on March 8 was an All Women Operated Flight. In addition a mini  video documentary was produced and shared on social media platforms with the message of “Inspiring the African Girl” to believe in their dreams. It was a message that can be shared and echoed to all girls and women globally. In the video commentary came from women at Ethiopian Airlines in various roles who are pursuing their career goals or have established successful milestones.

Mrs. Rahel Assefa  Ethiopian VP Marketing who was in Toronto last fall to celebrate Ethiopian Airlines Canada 5th Anniversary and featured in the video says,

“The contribution of women has always been an integral part of Ethiopian history. Enabling women is no longer a novelty, but a norm in our environment. We all start off with dreams of what we want to do and become. But how is how we are tested. There are no shortcuts. It’s hard work, persistence, believe in oneself and most of all a strong desire to make it happen. “

Mrs. Rahel Assefa was named “Top 30 Most Compelling Women in Travel” in 2015 by Premier Travel Magazine.