During the six-day tour Ethiopian Airlines Canada Canadian FAM trip, we asked the group of travel industry professionals and media who embarked on this journey to share their most memorable experience and photo from the trip.

Michael Morcos- Publisher Canadian World Traveller shares his with us.

Michael   I have been travelling since my teens and having been around the world dozens of times, I can say air travel is not that much fun anymore. It used to be that we all looked forward to both the destination and the flight. We got dressed just to go to the airport and even when in economy, flying was a real joy.

The Ethiopian business class (Cloud Nine) experience brought me back to that golden era. I counted down the days to our trip and when finally on board was in, well, like being on – Cloud Nine. The brand new Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner 787 was just right, very spacious, cabin temperature throughout our long flight was perfect, the entertainment center fit the bill and the lie-flat seats gave me a good night’s rest and ready for our adventure. Needless to say the food and refreshments were perfect with a choice of Ethiopian and western meals and there was even Ethiopian wine available.

Besides the long-haul flight, we would have four internal flights and that was a good thing. Ethiopia is a large country with sometimes rugged terrain and bumpy roads. These flights helped us see much more in such a short time span. The airports visited internally can be described as cute. This is where we would watch our plane land disembark passengers and cargo and then ourselves would walk along the tarmac and board the turbo-prop-planes. Within minutes we would be airborne. This was a delightful and memorable experience.

Ethiopia has been on my travel buck list for as long as I could remember. I had visited 12 other African countries across the whole continent: the north, south, east, west and central Africa were all great and Ethiopia as I already knew and was about to experience – had a little of it all in one country. Eight days in the capital of Addis and the northern route went by in a flash (as all good things do) and had only teased my appetite for more. Next trip will be to experience the south that contrasts greatly the other parts of Ethiopia.

What mostly stood out in my mind on this adventure were the wonderful, happy and friendly Ethiopians. That alone would have made my trip great but there was much more including: magnificent  waterfalls, lakes that stand out of the dry landscape, the incredible churches built of solid stone in Lalibela, the long history and religion that shaped this country and yes, the gift to the world, coffee, freshly roasted and brewed.