During the six-day tour Ethiopian Airlines Canada Canadian FAM trip, we asked the group of travel industry professionals and media who embarked on this journey to share their most memorable experience and photo from the trip.

Gary Lawrence- Rédacteur en chef / Editor-in-chief Magazine Espaces shares his with us.

Gary always had his camera ready on this trip ready to snap just the right shot of either amazing vivid scenery or fun candid shots of the team travelling. Gary travelled to Southern part of Ethiopia a few days before meeting with the rest of the Canadian FAM crew discovering different regions of Ethiopia. There he explored and had the opportunity to further capture some incredible images. Here are a few of Gary’s photos he captured from the trip along with a link to his article featured https://bit.ly/2JeiYBG

Photo above: Tour guide sharing history of St. George church in Lalibela.

Below photos from Gary Lawerence: A taste of traditional Ethiopian Coffee & experiencing a coffee ceremony. Ethiopian Airlines Canada Sales Manager David Timmins at the Ethiopian National Museum in Addis Ababa. Tour of Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy at Ethiopian Airlines head office. Photo of Gary Lawerence relaxing and having some fun Cloud Nine flying back to Toronto Canada.