Ethiopian Airlines Canada was proud to once again sponsor the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association (ACSCA) in Vancouver last month. Ethiopian Airlines Canada Lead Customer Service Agent Fasil Kasa attend the event. It was an opportunity to also share with the enthusiastic crowd all about Ethiopian Airlines latest initiatives such as booking through Ethiopian’s Mobile App. Kasa shared how attendees at the event were “very receptive” of Ethiopian Airlines”.

“It was really good to get such positive feedback from everyone from how proud they are and how this is our airline,” said Kasa.

The African Soccer Tournament is a concept that was initiated through a recreational soccer sporting activity and socialization among the African community, aimed at promoting interaction, unity and commonality of purpose while they attempted to acclimatize themselves in their new adopted homes.

African Soccer Tournament draws people from cross-section of the society, with participants, attendees and fans coming from multi-cultural base and communities in British Columbia, Canada, and the United States of America.

It also features Family and Cultural Dance Activities.  There is also food Cuisines from different parts of the world and provides the opportunity to come to know and taste the flavours from different cultures.

(Photo Above: Left to right: Jerry Gbardy ACSCA President, presenter, Fasil Kasa Ethiopian Airlines Canada Lead Customer Service Agent.


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