Photo above: Gordana with local Ethiopian boy as she toured on Lake Tana.

During the six-day tour  Ethiopian Airlines Canada Canadian FAM trip, we asked the group of travel industry professionals and media who embarked on this journey to share their most memorable experience and photo from the trip.

Gordana Mosher PR and Social Media Manager at RadonicRodgers Strategy+ shares hers with us.

Gordana:   It was an experience of a lifetime that’s how I felt getting ready for this trip and the entire time on the trip. I am a firm believer of travel and exploring different countries whenever you may be given that opportunity. Lucky for me working with our client Ethiopian Airlines Canada such a fantastic opportunity it was to experience the direct flight from Toronto to Addis Ababa to all the local flights within Ethiopia.

I never take anything for granted and enjoy every experience I have. Most important the people I meet along the way. With some amazing travel industry professionals and travel writers we finally met in person as we all prepared for our journey that early morning at Toronto’s Pearson’s airport. It did not take long for all of us to connect with each other on our flight there to our landing in Ethiopia. Immediately it was an instant warm welcome as we eagerly awaited transportation to our hotel in Addis Ababa. I know for me when I travel regardless where I barely sleep the night before. The excitement of not knowing what to expect to the simple thought of “did I pack everything I needed”.

Something about leaving Canada in February to a warm destination also had its positive perks. The glowing sunshine and bright blue skies met us upon arrive in Ethiopia and followed us throughout our 7-day journey.

From the hustle and bustle of Addis Ababa, to the quiet tranquility of Lalibela each stop we made was remarkable. I took so many photos that at the end of the day I would go back to look at them to make sure I captured everything. We made our way to Axum and Gondar and with each stop I noticed many international travellers making their journey throughout Ethiopia. Often times I spotted them at the airport as our itinerary was similar heading off to our next destination.

Our group was so much fun as we experienced and embraced many wonderful things together. Each one of us had something we felt we had to see, purchase or capture with a photo. I had more than just one favourite experience in Ethiopia. The culture, the people of Ethiopia made this trip memorable. They are so proud of their rich history and the devotion many of them share, to simple kindness of meeting us as we toured. I learned something very quickly too! When drinking Ethiopian coffee, not only is it absolutely beyond delicious, it’s also a pleasure to watch it being prepared. The coffee aroma filled the air as the coffee beans were carefully roasted by the masterful barista to perfection. All the while we engaged in conversation amongst ourselves and with local patrons. As the young girl in the restaurant who was preparing the coffee said, “When you are welcomed in our home we do take time to prepare the coffee, it’s a respectful gesture of getting to know each other though conversation,” she said.

I am grateful beyond words for this trip and meeting such fine people of Ethiopia. Of course, my travel friends who I quickly shared many laughs and memorable experiences…to new friendships. Ethiopian Airlines staff from Toronto to Addis Ababa and everywhere in between thank you very much for your wonderful service. It was a Cloud nine experience all the way. Until next time looking forward to coming back.

Photos below: Arriving with our group to Bahir Dar. Second photo: Local Ethiopian woman from Gonder preparing homemade injera bread; styling on his way to work. Third photo:Gordana discovery a secret passage in Axum Fourth & Fifth photo. Coffee ceremony at the airport in Lalibela and Addis Ababa. Last photo.Local worshippers early morning prayers in Lalibela