Worshippers continue to journey to the famous rock-hewn churches throughout Ethiopia. In the mountainous region of northern Ethiopia you can visit 11 spectacular medieval churches carved out of rock. But be warned making your way to each of these churches is a climb you would never expect. Yet for centuries worshippers have cherished this place of devotion, as many of all ages make the journey often well before sunrise.

For tourists this is an opportunity of a lifetime to experience this and be so close amongst the worshippers as you take part of their daily journey. When visiting Ethiopia this is something you have to experience to appreciate not only its unique beauty, but to be embraced by the warmth of the many people who make this daily pilgrimage to what is considered the “New Holy Land”. The narrow uneven paths may be a challenge yet you will find yourself moving with ease as you quietly  embark on this journey. You will not hear anyone speak as no words are spoken you will only hear soft repeated chants of prayers as you get closer to each chamber and entrance of the churches. There are so many well known must see rock-hewn churches. Lalibela is amongst the most famous one. This is something everyone should consider to be add to their travel bucket list, you wont be disappointed.

Below is a video from the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Take a look at Abuna Yemata Guh where it would take you 45 minutes to make the climb to the top.