Ethiopian Airlines held a launching event on 24 July 2018 for International Coffee Day, which will be celebrated in Ethiopia, the land of origin of coffee, for the first time in November 2018 under the theme “Celebrate the International Coffee Day in the Land of Origins.”

Ethiopia is the land of origin of coffee and has the most diverse and highly sought after premium coffee in the world. The celebration will bring together coffee producers, roasters, exporters, researchers, writers and coffee lovers from all over the world and will include an exhibition, a conference and a coffee tour to Kaffa, the region where coffee first originated and spread to the world. To this end, Ethiopian Holidays has prepared special coffee tour packages for participants in the International Coffee Day Celebration.

Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO, Ethiopian Airlines, remarked: “Ethiopia introduced coffee to the world and it’s only fitting that International Coffee Day is celebrated in the land of its origin. We thank the major stakeholders in Ethiopia in the public and private sectors for supporting this initiative. The celebration of International Coffee Day is part of our enhanced effort to promote the many treasures of Ethiopia, which are not sufficiently known by the rest of the world, and to boost the flow of tourism to the country.”

Initiated by Ethiopian Airlines and organized by major stakeholders of coffee and tourism sector, including Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, Ethiopian Tourism Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Trade, the upcoming International Coffee Day is projected to bring together multiple stakeholders from all over the world including coffee exporters, coffee researchers, coffee roasters and exhibitors and will serve as an ideal platform for experiences sharing and networking.

Photo: above & below:  Ethiopian Airlines Staff along with Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association and Ethiopian Tourism Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade share enjoy a traditional coffee ceremony.