Enheed and organization in Canada that works to bridge the gap between Ethiopia and the youth of the Ethiopian diaspora. On July 20, 2018 Enheed’s 3rd cohort of young Ethiopian diaspora visited the Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters in Addis Ababa. As part of their experiential learning program these young participants visit change makers in their home country of Ethiopia. One of the key change makers and Enheed’s partner is Ethiopian Airlines. This visit was highly anticipated by the group and exceeded all expectations they had.


Nathan Gebregziabher, a young participant from Calgary, Canada writes the below about the groups experience.

Our group was welcomed by Ms. Hermela Gizaw and Ms. Mary Legesse. After our introduction, our first stop was to see the first aircraft that flew under the colours of Ethiopian Airlines, it’s placed in a green field at the headquarters in commemoration of the golden jubilee of Ethiopian Airlines. We walked inside and the feeling was truly overwhelming and emotional for the group. It took us back in time and gave us a glimpse of Ethiopia’s history.

We then met with Mr. Tinsae Birhan, our guide for the Aviation Academy and Training Centre, he gave us an amazing experience. He was able to relate all aspects of the tour with our own personal experiences in school and in flying. He made the experience relatable and enjoyable.

Ethiopian Airlines is a world leading aviation carrier. Their headquarters are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and globally they employ over 13,000 Ethiopians. Ethiopian Airlines was established in 1946 under Haile Selassie and with the help of an African-American named John Robinson, who served as the private captain of Haile Selassie.  

Touring the Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters was a remarkable experience. Being able to see in detail the Aviation Academy, which is the leading learning institution in the region, was amazing. My passion and studies in education helped me to appreciate even more the fantastic work Ethiopian Airlines is doing. They developed an award-winning academy that trains hundreds of aviation professionals every year in all fields of aviation, all from scratch and from domestic resources.  

We were all blown away by the experience. We appreciate the opportunity to witness the work being done in Ethiopia. We left feeling great pride knowing Ethiopia was part of these changes on a global scale.