It took Charles Dominque a documentary film-maker from Canada three trips to Ethiopia, in total 20 weeks to fully embrace the culture and beauty of Ethiopia to create a documentary which he is very proud of.

 “I don’t know how many times I have been to Africa but even then, I did not really know that much about Ethiopia. I did not expect how fabulous and extraordinary Ethiopia was going to be.  Now that my project is finished, I wonder if I will ever be able to find such a wonderful and unique subject such as this,” said Dominque

Charles tells us about the film:

The film is about the discovery of Ethiopia. From the border of Erythréa to the borders of Soudan and Somalia.  It takes you on a journey to discover the famous isolated town of Harar, the volcano Erta Ale, the mountain that smokes. The mystic Afar people who live in the warmest and most arid place on earth. You will embrace the unique flora and fauna of the Unesco protected town of Lalibella. Ethiopia is the only Christian country of Africa and the only country that was never colonized. Then there is the south of lake Tana, at the origin of the Nile river, the most unique and preserved ethnic group of Africa. This film welcomes viewers to discover Ethiopia, the land of origin.

The premiere of the 70-minute documentary will take place on Nov 15th at Cinema Beloeil in Montreal. Dominque will have the opportunity to speak to invited guests at the premiere about his film.  Expected guests at the premiere include George Brossard, founder of the Insectarium of Montreal and a National Geographic TV host, along with other notable guests.

Ethiopian Airlines Canada Sales Manager David Timmins will also be in attendance, Ethiopian Airlines Canada provided flights to Dominque and his crew. The film will be shown in schools in French schools in Quebec along with an English version available on Amazon in Canada and the US. It will also be available to view on Ethiopian Airlines.

Dominque spent over one year researching and editing his film and said he is very thrilled how he was able to capture his vision in the documentary. Below is the trailer for the extraordinary film along with a few photos taken by the Dominque.

First photo on left: Filmmaker Charles Dominque pictured with locals in Afar. For more links to photos follow us on Ethiopian Airlines Canada Facebook page click here