Attention all coffee lovers this is one place you must visit to truly taste an exquisite blend.  Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. Witnessing the process of how the coffee is brewed is in itself something you will appreciate before you even enjoy your first cup of coffee. The aroma of the beans roasting in the fire fills the air….it’s delicious. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is central to the communities of many Ethiopian locations.

Life in Ethiopia is celebrated with coffee, it is an integral part of daily life so celebrating the joy of coffee with the rest of the world during International Coffee Day is only fitting for this beautiful land we call home.

Although the rest of the world celebrates this day on October 1 – Ethiopia invites you to extend the celebration all the way through December!

Join us on December 4-5, 2018 as coffee lovers from all over the world come to the beginning of it all – where humankind has been enjoying a great cup of coffee for centuries! Coffee producers, roasters, exporters, researchers, writers will gather at the UN Conference Center followed by a coffee safari to Kaffa – the region that brought this magical bean to YOU!

Spearheaded by the New Spirit of Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, along with the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, Ethiopian Tourism Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Trade, the upcoming International Coffee Day is projected to bring together multiple stakeholders from all over the world including coffee exporters, coffee researchers, coffee roasters and exhibitors and will serve as an ideal platform for experiences sharing and networking.

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