Photo; Top photo; (Left); Birhan Abate, Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager, (centre) Wendy Dempsey Associate Director, Cause Marketing SickKids, (right) David Timmins, Sales Manager, Ethiopian Airlines Canada.

Ethiopian Airlines Canada’s partnership with Toronto-based SickKids continues to grow. Recently Birhan Abate Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager and David Timmins Sales Manager met with Wendy Dempsey Associate Director, Cause Marketing SickKids and were presented with a certificate of acknowledgement from SickKids on 24 round-trip tickets donated by Ethiopian Airlines Canada late last year.

The donated flights were part of a gift of 24 round-trip tickets given to SickKids in December of 2017. Twelve of the tickets went to the International Patient Office and the Herbie Fund, which helps children around the world receive surgery and treatment at SickKids in Toronto, and 12 went to C-GCH for staff to travel to deliver C-GCH programs.

In March Centre for Global Child Health (C-GCH) team members flew to sub-Saharan Africa to deliver important newborn and child health programs. A trip to Mali, members of the International Program Evaluation Unit at C-GCH met with regional and national Ministries of Health and NGOs to discuss their on-going project to strengthen maternal, newborn and child health in Mali’s Koulikoro and Sikasso regions.

Over the past year, the SickKids-Ghana Initiative has made a substantial progress. It was the first cohort of Paediatric Associate Residents in Accra that successfully completed the one-year paediatric nursing program in May 2017. Over the last quarter of the program, residents spent 12 weeks applying their skills in hospital and emergency care. During their practicum, the residents completed projects on topics such as the accurate monitoring of IV fluids in the Emergency Department, improving discharge teaching for bronchopneumonia and sickle cell disease, and improving support for grieving mothers in the neonatal intensive care unit.

” We are very grateful to Ethiopian Airlines Canada. Their generous gifts of round trip flight tickets to The Hospital for Sick Children’s professional staff and executive overseeing International projects like the Ghana SickKids Initiative and the Herbie Fund help us direct funds where they are needed most, to patient care. We’re very grateful for the support and partnership of Ethiopian Airlines,” said Wendy Dempsey Associate Director, Cause Marketing SickKids.

“We are very proud to support SickKids. With the donated flights, we have provided this past year, we know many of the initiatives have been towards a positive change,” said Birhan Abate Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager.