Toni Anne Thomas Executive Producer of Caribbean Vibrations TV along with host 

Executive Producer
Caribbean Vibrations TV

Caribbean Vibrations TV is a weekly Entertainment, Lifestyle and Cultural ½ hour TV show that takes viewers on a fast-paced, informative guide to international events, celebrity lifestyle, and festivals – all with a Caribbean Vibe!  We create content for products and services to be sold to the Afro Caribbean Market via online, social media and television platforms worldwide.

Our first trip to Africa was an unforgettable experience!  Our crew visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral; the resting place of the Emperor Hailie Salisie in Addis Ababa; Ethiopia.   We then flew to Bahir Dar to see Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Water falls and made the journey to Gondar stopping at the Awra Amba community and Mercato Market. We also enjoyed some Ethiopian dishes at 4 Sisters restaurant and we spoke to Birhan Abate about travel to Africa on Ethiopian Airlines.
Once you go, you know!  Africa will be a return destination to share the best of African Tourism with our Caribbean Vibrations TV viewers