It was a perfect night to spice things up and get a little taste of the vibrant flavours of  Ethiopia with Canadian celebrity chef David Rocco. Guests enjoyed a little bit of everything from dancing to a coffee ceremony and being up close in the kitchen with the  best-selling author of cookbooks such as David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, Made in Italy and David Rocco’s Dolce Famigliam.   Rocco said working with Ethiopian Airlines Canada a “great partnership.” 

Invited guests enjoyed an interactive evening with the author as he shared his experiences in Ethiopia and travelling throughout Africa while filming Dolce Africa, as he prepared one of his Ethiopian-inspired dishes.

  “What an incredible evening. We were so pleased to host this event and to have someone like David Rocco provide such incredible footage through his Dolce Africa series. He really embraced the culture using his culinary expertise to bring food and travel to audiences in such a unique way,” said Nigusu Worku, Ethiopian Airlines regional director.

Photo above: Left to right David Timmins National Sales Manager Ethiopian Airlines Canada, Nigusu Worku, Ethiopian Airlines Regional Director USA, David Rocco.

Click to the video below to see the An Evening with David Rocco


Video trailer of David Rocco’s Dolce Africa.

Series can be seen on TLN Canada