Charles Dominque a Canadian film-maker documentary about Ethiopia premiered in Montreal with more dates scheduled in the new year across Canada.   

Tell us about the premiere in Montreal

Charles:  It was a big success! The theater was full and I received a long ovation after the presentation. Well, the way I see it, it is like Ethiopia and its beauty received an ovation! Many people approached me after the presentation to ask questions. Most were very curious about the way I connected with people featured in the documentary. How I was able to film people so intimately but respectfully at the same time.  I have been doing this most of my life and something I am very proud of.  It’s about capturing moments and understanding cultures and engaging with people. I wanted to make sure I was able to bring this all to film. What I saw and what I experienced would be reflected in the documentary. I think I was successful.

Share your background with us

Charles; I studied journalism and cinema at the University of Quebec in Montreal. I was inspired by my father who was an artist aquarellist (water color painter). I remember when I was a kid, I would often go with him to observe him as he drew some incredible illustrations. He would choose a place in old Montreal to look around to see what he could draw on his canvas. One example I remember is when there was a big snow storm in Montreal he would venture out to find the subject or subjects he would visualize and draw that day. It could have been cars covered in snow, old houses with their unique architecture, various graffiti or improve hockey game on the street.  It was the beautiful scenery he saw which he was able to capture. My father was the expert when it came to catching the ambiance of the moment, and that is exactly what I do with my camera. Capture the mood of the moment!

 Connecting with Ethiopian Airlines Canada

 Charles; In my presentation, I shared with the audience how connected with Birhan Abate Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager and David Timmins National Sales Manager for Ethiopian Airlines Canada. I shared as much details as I could with them my film project about Ethiopia. Both Birhan and David were very open minded and excited about the film.I spent over 20 weeks in Ethiopia, from north to south, and everywhere in Ethiopia. It was incredible. Through this journey I saw and met so many amazing people. I feel I have created a high-quality film about what I consider, “A sanctuary of humanity!”All my career, I have been looking for ordinary people with an extraordinary life. I thought Ethiopia was an ordinary country and now, after all my travels and with a 70 minute of film, advertisements for CNN, BBC and Ethiopian Airlines Canada I wonder if I will ever be able to find another country so fantastic and authentic to feed my passion for discovery again.

 What’s Next?

Charles is planning on debuting the film across Canada in 2019 through Canadian French Alliance. With 8 major cities in Canada through their institution and photos expo called Visages of Ethiopia. Dates to be confirmed. Currently the film is in French but in works to be translated to English. Charles will be going to Ethiopia to present his documentary at the Alliance Française of Addis Ababa. The film will be presented to the French speaking community of Ethiopia.


Stay tuned as this has been an extraordinary journey with an incredible Canadian film maker, sharing more about Ethiopia through his creative lens.

 Photo; Back row left; Film director Charles Dominque centre middle of photo , David Timmins National Sales Manager Ethiopian Airlines Canada. In attendance at the Montreal debut included, Georges Brossard, founder of the Insectarium of Montreal. Pierre Bourque, former mayor of Montreal. Jean Pierre Denis of Oxfam Canada. Producers for CBC, TV5 and Discovery. Local travel agencies as well as management from Tour East .