The Transformation Institute for Leadership and Innovation and Silvertrust Media once again hosted another successful red carpet gala on June 14th at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. The annual celebration which is hosted by the Transformation Institute for leadership and innovation, Silvertrust Media focuses on leadership, excellence and innovation through cross-cultural integration, the project’s mission is to inspire, transform, empower, showcase, celebrate, and integrate various elements of our heritage for a perfect mosaic. Ethiopian Airlines Canada has been a proud sponsor over the past three years. Awards are handed out in twelve categories including Leadership, Innovation, Legacy, Excellence, Public Service, Community Service, Media, Entertainment, Enterprise, Harmony, Heritage and Lifetime Achievement. Proceeds from the event go to support the work of the Transformation Institute, including the Crossover Mentorship Program for youth.

Photo above: Birhan Abate Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager presents the Community Service Award award to Dr.Joseph Wong, Physician, Philanthropist and Change Agent. 

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Photo below: Birhan Abate with Ed Radonic Partner, Managing Director RadonicRodgers Strategy+