We loved all these options Eden the Foodie, Founder of BlackFoodie shared in her article. All the more reason to try something new and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating..




Top 5 reasons Ethiopian Food is not just something you eat, it’s something you experience. It’s difficult too explain how amazing it is in just one article, but we managed to sum up some of the top reasons it’s great here




The EXPERIENCE: The scents, the colours, the textures and traditions that make up Ethiopian cuisine, make dining truly a unique experience


The FLAVOUR: The flavour is on another level! Ethiopians know how to spice their food.


It’s BUDGET FRIENDLY: Ethiopian food not only will upgrade your flavour game but it will do so without hurting your pocketbook! 


It’s VEGANFRIENDLY: Ethiopians have perfected Vegan cuisine! For religious reasons, many Orthodox Christian Ethiopians fast throughout the year.


It’s GOOD FOR YOU: Injera, that large spongy crepe that we use for everything from a utensil to the main course, is traditionally made with the Ethiopian grain Teff.


Link to article: https://bit.ly/2m25Eq9


 Photo credit Eden The Foodie


Next time you fly with us try  a little Ethiopian cuisine, we serve several delicious options on our flights.