Ethiopia New Year, Enkutatash is celebrated on September 12 The country’s unique calendar considers September, called Meskerem to be the first month of the year. 

The history behind the New Year celebrations:

  • The Ethiopian NewYear Enkutatash means the ‘gift of jewels.’ 
  • Over 3,000 years ago, King Solomon of Jerusalem gave the Queen of Sheba jewels during her visit to Jerusalem. When she returned to Ethiopia after receiving the gift coincided with the New Year celebration in September, which is known as Enkutatash.
  • Ethiopians believe that September has different signs that explain why it’s the beginning of a New Year. Blooming flowers, sunny days and a generally pleasant weather reign during this month. 

Celebrating the New Year

  • Families come together to light a bonfire in their backyard and dance around it in circles on the eve of the New Year. There are also several traditional meals prepared that day. One of the meals is  Doro wot (chicken stew), which takes a long time to prepare but is well worth the wait and served with tej (honey wine). The Doro wot served with the delicious injera (a flatbread) on a large platter; everyone can dine together. You would also see people feeding each other as a way of showing affection and love. 

Happy New Year to those celebrating! Ethiopian Airlines wishing everyone a happy, healthy prosperous New Year!



 Meskel flower found in Ethiopia only blooming from September to November.