A visit to Ethiopia will enliven your senses! From seeing the breath-taking beauty of majestic and stunning scenery to Hearing the sounds of exotic songbirds and ecclesiastical chanting to the Smell of pungent and enticing spices and of course the Taste of incredible food!

A visit to Ethiopia is rich with diversity from its culture, wildlife, history and its warm and welcoming people.

Ethiopia will give you a wealth of discoveries to stimulate your senses and satisfy your curiosity. Below are just a few places you must visit in Ethiopia. We will be share more great photos and videos with you about Ethiopia.

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Bahir Dar means “By the Sea” and is located on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake and reservoir for the famous Blue Nile River. Wide boulevards lined with palm trees and a temperate climate makes it a popular holiday destination.

Harar has a long and rich history reflected by being registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. The city visually stimulating with women colourfully adorned in vivid garments.As dusk falls, the famous Hyena men emerge to feed wild hyenas raw meat from their mouths, which has been an ongoing popular tourist attraction for decades. 

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