Alexandra Locke

Social media contest winner!

Alexandra Locke was selected as the random winner of the first social media with Ethiopian Airlines Canada contest. The Facebook contest engaged followers to “Like and Share” for a chance to win two business class tickets to Africa.

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Eric Kalmbach

President, North Grid Solar Int'l

I arrived 6 hours in advance in comparison to other airlines flying from Toronto to east Africa direct. Ethiopian Airlines provided good service and competitive pricing. The service and attitude from the flight attendants was great and made for a great experience. Overall very impressed!


Ken Wagler

Humanitarian, Well Drilling

Great Customer service, Great staff and meal service! I have been flying with Ethiopian Airlines for the last 10 years. I love the direct flights from Toronto to Addis Ababa, then only an hour and a half  layover with a direct flight to Zambia.

Don McKay

Humanitarian, Electrical Contractor - Solar

I travel two times a year to do humanitarian work in Zambia and choose Ethiopian Airlines because of the direct route and early arrivals home in Toronto.

Steven Baal, MBA, CPA, CGA

Chief Financial Officer, CBM Canada

Due to my involvement with a humanitarian organization, I find myself travelling to Africa a few times per year. My favourite airline to Africa is Ethiopian Airlines, due to their new aircraft and direct flights from Toronto to Ethiopia. From there it is a short connection to just about any country in Africa.


Mike Pirker

Toronto, Canada

I have flown with Ethiopian Airlines several times when travelling to Cape Town for business. The business class is remarkable and I know I will have great customer service both during my flight and when I arrive at Addis Ababa for my connecting flight. For those who have never flown with Ethiopian Airlines I highly recommend it. The great rates always me to fly more frequently and fit within my budget.

Angie Stanojevic

Toronto, Canada

I have been flying with Ethiopian Airlines for the past 2 years and absolutely love the airlines. I usually go 2 to 3 times a year for work and budget is something our organization needs to consider. I work for a non-profit organization and we are always looking for cost efficiencies. Ethiopian Airlines is always our first choice for us. Best service and best cost savings.