Since 2013 Ethiopian Airlines has been a proud partner of Bridge To Health Medical & Dental Outreach Program. They have recently returned from their 10th outreach program in East Africa. 

Genevieve Zimanyi, Executive Director of Bridge To Health, recently shared some highlights from their February trip to Kisumu, Kenya.

*  1,900 patients were treated during 8 clinic days.

* 1,500 Children were provided fluoride treatments and oral hygiene education.

* 70 local healthcare providers and students participated in our integrated teaching program

* Cancer screenings and awareness provided to more than 450 patients

*  Launch of first EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system

*. First MSK (musculoskeletal) program in Kenya


Ethiopian Airlines would like to thank the Bridge To Health team of 30 medical and dental professionals who volunteered their time to share their knowledge while providing new innovative approaches to health care in East Africa.  Looking forward to seeing their programs come alive in Uganda, Rwanda & Ethiopia!  Learn more at www.bridgetohealth.ca

Photos above: Kids:  All smiles at Ober Kamoth Elementary after BTH dental check up & fluoride treatment



Dr. Bill Henry, BTH alumni mentoring up and coming Kenyan dental student

Dr. Bill Cherniak, BTH Co-Founder, assessing complex diagnosis on his 10th BTH outreach

Genevieve Zimanyi, Executive Director presenting certificate of completion to Kenyan health care team 

Dr. Johanna Carlo teaching the benefits of stretching before exercise