Ethiopian is committed to implementing an environmental management system meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 as a means of moving our organization in the strategic direction defined by this environmental policy.

Ethiopian is committed to integrating environmental issues into its businesses to ensure sustainable development and address its social and environmental responsibilities.

The following environmental policies are established by GCEO (Group Chief Executive) of Ethiopian Airlines considering the purpose and context of the organization.

This policy provides a framework for setting environmental objectives in order to continually improve our environmental management system and enhance environmental performance.

Protection of the environment

Ethiopian is committed to protecting the environment by addressing adverse environmental impacts through pollution prevention, waste minimization, resource conservation, and other applicable industry-related environmental protection activities such as implementing green procurement, safer and proper use and disposal of chemicals.

Compliance obligations

Ethiopian is committed to complying with applicable national and international laws, regulations and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance.

Communication (internal & external)

Ethiopian is committed to communicating its environmental commitment to the public, its employees, customers, stakeholders and all concerned as part of its environmental responsibility.

Risk reduction and emergency preparedness

Ethiopian is committed to reduce environmental risks and demonstrate its emergency preparedness in line with its existing emergency preparedness and response plan.

Sustainable resource management

Ethiopian is committed to managing resources, such as water, energy, fuel land, etc. in an environmentally sensitive way.

Continual improvement

Ethiopian commits to continual improvement through measuring its environmental performance at planned intervals, reviews and acts on improvement areas and reports the same to all concerned bodies.